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Software Tester 2211112

Job description
The Software Tester tests software to detect as much as possible defects as early as possible. Testing is preferably done by automation but also manually. The Software Tester applies Clean Code whenever producing code (Gherkin, glue-code, …). The Software Tester works in Agile teams according Agile principles.

Experience in writing black box and GUI test cases
Experience in using Gherkin scenario’s (Behaviour Driven Testing)
Experience in programming in C#
Experience in using happy flows, alternative flows and sad flows
Experience in using test tools like e.g. Cucumber
Experience in Functional Testing but also None-Functional testing like e.g. “ility” Testing
Experience in Configuration Management tools like e.g. Subversion, Git Necessary know how / skills
University education in computer or software science at Bachelor level or higher.
Specific knowledge of test technologies like e.g. boundary testing and equivalence partitioning
Knowledge of main programming/scripting languages like e.g. C#, Java, Python
Familiar with the Agile Testing Quadrants
Intelligent, abstract, analytical and creative thinker.
Has a strong drive to produce Clean Code. 

Software Tester 2211112

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