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Business Product Analist 2211212

Amsterdam, Nederland
Nov 21, 2022
Closes: Dec 05, 2022

Business Product Analist 2211212

Job description
A Business Product Analyst (BPA) supports the product team in achieving the maximum value potential of the product by ensuring the product is built according to the right requirements, driving user adoption and realizing business process change. The BPA is responsible for analysing product impact in order to make this measurable.?
A BPA effects business process change by envisioning what the to-be business process should be after the product is implemented, and iterating on this process design by collaborating closely with (key) users. In this process, user requirements are uncovered and the BPA learns of their relative importance for users to effectively adopt the tool. The BPA uses this information to support the PO in determining the relative importance of features from a user perspective.
When a tool has already been implemented, the BPA uncovers points of user dissatisfaction and mitigates these. This can either be done by translating the underlying user requirements to new product features to be developed, or by working with the users to solve their issues in other ways. The BPA also supports users in configuring the product to their needs where possible. Depending on the service level agreements (SLA) the Business Product Analyst can be asked to participate in consignation duties, fi. in case 24/7 support is agreed.

Experience with SAP WM and MM
Education/Experience level: Bachelor or higher work-and thinking level obtained by education or experience
Years of Experience: 4-7

Business Product Analist 2211212

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